I advocate for the lawful right of Palestinians to resist atrocities

*Iyad AbuHamed


As a Canadian human rights activist, I stand firmly against the smear campaigns and factual distortions targeting my advocacy for Palestinian rights. My dedication to the freedom and independence of Palestinians remains firm. The Palestinian people deserve liberation from the brutalities and suffering they have endured for over seventy-six years. 

The right to protest, criticize Israel’s policies, and support Palestinian self-determination is enshrined in both the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and international law. This includes advocating for an end to all illegal settlements and occupation of Palestine.

Recent months have exposed egregious war crimes against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, as identified by the International Court of Justice and other reputable human rights organizations. Most recently, Israel has approved 'free-for-all' killings of civilians in Gaza. 

I condemn the propaganda that justifies these atrocities committed against every Palestinian, from children to the elderly. Every day, we witness the devastating loss of life and the systematic demolition of homes, hospitals, schools, and the very culture and history of the Palestinian people.

My activism is a call for justice, not an attack on any religious or ethnic group. Accusations of antisemitism against me are unfounded and misleading. I advocate for the lawful right of Palestinians to resist these atrocities and have called for a ceasefire and an end to this ongoing genocide.

In response to my advocacy, some groups and various online accounts have orchestrated a smear campaign aimed at discrediting my activism. These groups attempt to misrepresent advocates of Palestinian rights as extremist leaders or as proponents of violence against Jews, in efforts to provoke law enforcement actions or exert pressure on employers. I have taken legal steps and initiated defamation actions against several of these entities.

Those attempting to silence and intimidate Canadians supporting Palestinian rights, and who participate in such defamatory campaigns, are indeed complicit in these ongoing crimes.

Human Rights Activist*

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